Kerry Sanitation Team Member in Fredericksburg, Iowa

Company Overview

  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and sanitary facility.

Description and Responsibilities

Foster a successful, accountable 1Kerry oriented work environment

  • Responsible for following all applicable quality and food safety procedures and policies

  • Ensure fellow employees, contractors and visitors are following all applicable quality and food safety procedures and policies

  • Must be capable of operating foamers, pressure washers, and hose stations in an efficient and workmanlike manner

  • Must be able to use washing chemicals in a safe manner as established by the company

  • Must be able to use stepladders, scaffolding and apparatuses in a safe manner

  • Must keep steps, railing landings, ledges, lights, and floors clean and sanitary at all times

  • Will be required to wash walls, tank exteriors, and overhead pipes, which may require repetitive motion on a routine basis

  • At times will be asked to paint parts of the building and equipment

  • The person will fill out all master sanitation schedules after completing each task

  • Must be able lift full pails of washing solution, jugs of chemicals, equipment, or move bags of product that could weigh 50 pounds and occasionally more

  • Fully understand all of the chemicals in the plant: what they’re used to clean, how to correctly use them, dilutions, handling of the chemicals, and what to do if improperly exposed to a chemical

  • Will be required to clean footbaths and perform janitorial duties in the rest rooms

  • Ability to fill barrels of chemicals from the bulk feeders

  • Ability to work in other areas of the plant as business needs require which requires the ability to lift 50# repetitiously, up to 100# occasionally, and the ability to kneel, bend over, squat, stoop, and carry

  • Understand batch/lot, sampling and HACCP procedures/systems

  • Must be able to operate CIP systems and understand the use of chemicals

  • Other duties as assigned


  • High School graduate or GED required

  • Must be able to communicate in English at a level to facilitate the understanding and terminology of the job

  • Previous machine operating experience in food or manufacturing industry preferred

  • Possess the math skills consistent with the demands of the job

  • Is required to read and follow rules and regulations for maintaining a sanitary plant

  • Must be able to work with other employees in a productive manner

  • The employee must be mentally alert at all times for other employees and will also be mentally alert at all times for their own safety

  • Will be alert to spot malfunctions in the operation of equipment that could be unsafe to the employee or others in the area. Must also report immediately such conditions to their supervisor

  • The employee must have the ability and resourcefulness in terms of independent actions to exercise the judgment necessary to make satisfactory decisions for successful job performance

  • Will be expected to scrub, sweep, and scour in a repetitive motion for long periods of time

  • Will be expected to use ladders and physically able to go up and down stairs and ladders

  • Must be able to work in cold and hot environments and able to work outside of the building as needed (i.e. snow removal, trash pickup around the building)

  • Ability to organize and plan ahead to maximize job efficiency

Requisition ID 2018-13715

Division Kerry

Position Type Full Time

Recruiter AM1

Posting Type DNI